Our Story

To regain our health and well-being, we must use safe and all-natural products for our beloved animals and their humans too. By restoring our energy flow to a natural state of Balance, supported by the use of these safe, all-natural and organic products, we can find peace and serenity in every day life. Only when the energy system is repaired, will the physical body start healing itself. This is true for our beloved animals as well. After all...they are family too.


Did you know that our animals can absorb our stress and anxiety?


Karen is also a Certified Energy Practitoner and can assist you in learning to heal your energetic body as well as offer you energy work techniques for your animals too. We work with you and your beloved animals, helping you both live a calmer more fulfilling life. We all deserve balance, peace and wellness... including our canine, feline and equine family members!

Karen Finkle, Founder of Balance Organically, grew up the granddaughter of a zoo director in Kansas and was exposed to many different animals at a very early age. This experience fostered her deep passion to help them too.

Her love for all humanity combined with her study of peace and relaxation through her background as a spa owner/developer, has given her the unique experience needed to offer this place of wellness to all.


Be well, 

The Balance Team


Enjoy these fascinating pictures of Karen and her family, as a young girl growing up with Lions, Tigers, and Bears...Dogs and Horses too…Oh my!

Karen Finkle

Founder of Balance Organically

in California, USA

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