You may wonder why we have decided to create this safe space for you and your animals to receive this support at no charge? We truly believe in the work that we do and therefore allow you to decide the value of your session.

We accept donations at whatever level you are comfortable with. We have each been on this journey for our entire lives and through the powers of the universe and our intentions, we met and found ourselves at a crossroads within our own life experiences. We have always had the knowing that our life’s purpose is in helping others, so here we are.  We will join with you, your higher self and the universe, to assist you in healing your energetic body. 



To regain our health and well-being, we must begin by restoring our energy flow to a natural state of Balance.

Only when the energy system is repaired, will the physical body start healing itself. So many of us have energetic blocks that prevent us from healing and manifesting in all aspects of our lives, including abundance. We are always manifesting our thoughts, good or bad, because thoughts are energy.  Shifting your energy can shift your thought process and therefore shift your life into one filled with love, light, gratitude and joy. You are always in control, and we understand you may have lots of questions. This is all part of the journey and we are here to help.

We are currently providing remote energy healing sessions, for you and/or your pet. We care about your health and have taken every precaution to keep you safe and healthy. These sessions are equally as powerful as an in-person session. Our intention is to assist you along your unique journey, through our love of helping others and the support of all universal energy… Energy, God, Source, Universe, the Divine…whichever one resonates most with you.


If this sounds like something you would be interested in, please contact us and begin your journey to a life of purpose and awareness!

  • Karen

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    Karen believes the ability to heal yourself is as natural as the ability

    to breathe. She will guide you through breath work and will intuitively focus on your blockages and specific needs using ancient relaxation techniques, loving intention and divinely inspired ancient geometry to clear energy that no longer serves you. This will enable you to reclaim balance and clarity of mind, body and spirit, as well as alleviate stress and physical pain. She is a certified Healing Practitioner with an extensive spa background having exposure to many different healing modalities and techniques, including reiki, crystal healing and many forms of body work and massage therapy. 


    Taking a collaborative approach to her healing and energy work, Karen will work with you during your sessions, allowing you to learn and be involved in your healing journey. Each session is designed to meet your unique needs and intentions. Because there are stages of healing, your openness to the process is essential. Her intention in this work is always for the highest good of all.


    Growing up the granddaughter of a zoo director in Kansas, Karen was surrounded by many different animals at an early age and fostered a deep passion for all living beings through her experiences. Because animals absorb our anxiety and stress, they benefit from energy work

    as well. Karen will work with you and your beloved fur kids, together

    or individually.


    Karen’s journey of healing started many years ago when searching for an answer to her own physical pain and anxiety. She watched family members, friends and even her dog struggle with stress and anxiety as well. Her focus was to identify the underlying cause of her personal imbalances, whether physical, emotional, or energetic and learn how to manage them. She quickly learned that these imbalances or blockages, were disrupting the natural flow of the energy in her body which in turn was causing her ailments. Karen believes we should all live an intentional life filled with gratitude, health and in a balanced and

    relaxed state of being. 



  • Ruth

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    Ruth is an energy healer and has attended many courses on enlightenment, energy work, reiki and other healing modalities and is now a certified Healing Practitioner utilizing the sound of crystal bowls as her main method of healing and releasing stuck, negative energy.  Along with the sound work, she employs loving intention, high frequency and divinely inspired sacred geometry to assist her in clearing and unblocking that which no longer serves her clients.


    Ruth has been marching to the beat of her own drummer for her entire life, but never with much purpose or knowledge of where she was going.  There had been many opportunities to take notice of the signs around her, on which direction to go, but fear and limiting beliefs kept her stuck until three years ago when she had an awakening.


    In January of 2018, one of her sister’s asked her what she was grateful for and it felt like a heavy weight had been dropped on her entire being by that simple question.  She recognized anger, fear, failure in that instant and realized she did not feel gratitude for anything in her life, even though she had much to be grateful for, and instantaneously she felt at one of the lowest points in her life.  How could this be? Three days later, Ruth was guided to attend a crystal bowl meditation.  She didn’t know what to expect but knew she needed to do something to change the trajectory of her life and how she perceived it.  During the meditation, she felt the negative energy leave her body, and she felt something had shifted inside her.  It was a new beginning.  She realized that meditation was going to be an essential part of life going forward.


    Years of severe pain from injuries and subsequent surgeries, Ruth knows firsthand the benefits of paying attention to guidance; releasing negative energy and creating balance within; giving and receiving unconditional love; feeling gratitude; and understanding the powers of the universal energy that is within and around us all, in order to heal.


    Ruth believes there are layers to the healing process, and understanding that it may not happen overnight, is essential in your healing journey, to keep you moving forward, healing one layer at a time.



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