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Balance 4 Life was developed for anyone who wants to feel better from the inside out. This is NOT a weight loss program. This is a FEEL-GOOD PROGRAM! In 6 weeks, I will teach you how to make cleaner food choices, share with you the clean products I use at home and in my personal hygiene routine and share with you what I recommend for your makeup bag or Dopp kit. Think of this as a weight loss BONUS!


232 lbs.   At age 64, I found myself waking up two to three times a night, and in a “brain fog” in the morning. I had bumps under my skin, and not feeling at my full potential. When I went for my annual medical checkup, my doctor informed me I was “knocking on the diabetic door” and needed to change the way I was eating. Since I am terrified of needles, I knew I needed to pay attention. I couldn’t imagine having to give myself injections of insulin every day. Around this same time, my brother started teaching me about bacteria, how it forms in our bodies, and that it eventually causes high blood pressure and diabetes, as well as the negative affects it has on people with auto immune diseases. This resonated with me because I have had Hashimoto’s Disease (a thyroid problem) for 27 years.  I immediately started to eat cleaner, and honestly after about 10 days, I already was feeling so much better and sleeping better too! 


192 lbs.  By the time I lost the first 40 lbs., I could the feel “the shift” in my brain for the first time in my life. I could picture what I would look like when I reached my goal weight. For the first time in my life, my brain and my body were becoming friends. I started feeling good from the inside out. This is when I began researching cleaner products for my personal use and at home. In the Stay Balanced 4 Life program, I will share all of these products and information I’ve learned about them with you. I am not paid for any endorsements of these products.  

129 lbs. The best part of reaching my goal weight is that I feel healthier at age 67 than I did at 47. I have more energy, more confidence and I’m moving through life at my full potential now. Once my brain and my body became friends, there was no stopping me. I finally gave the 232 lb. me a permanent eviction notice and she is never allowed back in my house again! This program is individually designed for your unique needs to help you feel better from the inside out. 

I look forward to meeting you and teaching you how to Stay Balanced for Life, for life…regardless of your age or ailments!



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