Balance conditioner is all-natural and Certified USDA Organic using essential oils and essential waters to boost moisture and keep your hair and your pet’s fur silky and shiny. Balance has added no water, detergents or fillers to its conditioner, they will not lather up like those with harsh detergents. This means each bottle of concentrated product goes a long way. All of our products are biodegradable, so feel free to take them on your outdoor adventures!

Organic Hair & Fur Conditioner

  • At Balance we offer the World's 1st innovative and unique line of USDA Certified Organic and all-natural products to benefit both humans and their pets together. This allows them the opportunity to experience serenity and an overall sense of wellness in their own environment. After all... pets are family too!

    • For Pets and People

    • Certified USDA Organic
    • All-Natural Ingredients
    • Essential Oils & Essential Waters
    • NO Detergents or fillers Added
    • NO Sulfates & Paraben Free
    • NO harsh chemicals or dyes
    • Biodegradable


    By using plenty of warm water and massaging a few pumps of conditioner through your hair or your pets’ fur, both you and your pet will be left with clean healthy results!

    Instructions for pets: After lathering, let this luxurious product remain on your pets’ fur for an extra minute or two then rinse. This allows the essential ingredients to cleanse, soften the fur and soothe your pets’ bath time anxiety.

    Instructions for human: After lathering, let this luxurious product remain on your hair for an extra minute or two then rinse. Breathe in the aromatic scent and enjoy a moment of serenity.


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